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6-12 months

Personal Instructor

Real Project

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Learn programming from the best and create real projects

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Personal Instructor

You'll have the guidance and support of skilled software engineers throughout the course, and they'll even share their expertise with you to help you succeed in your real-life projects.

GitHub Portfolio

You'll master GitHub and put together your personal portfolio to showcase your projects for potential employers.

Real Project

During the 6-12 months of practice, you will be working on the real project. In this way, you will start your working life 1 step further.

Our Method

We give students a comprehensive understanding of programming and computer science and give them a way to apply this knowledge to real projects.

Individual Code Review

You'll receive detailed feedback on your projects to make sure your code is in line with best practices and industry standards.

Small Groups

We keep our classes small and cozy, with only 8-10 students per group. That way, you'll get plenty of personalized attention and make some awesome friends along the way!

Traditional Courses

Code & Star

Learn from real experts

Real paid project

Getting ready for coding challenges in remote jobs

Concrete math for programming

English-speaking with foreign and local tutors


8-24 months

6-12 months

Group Size

15-20 students

8-10 students

Choose your career path

We offer programs on the most in-demand career paths in tech.

Programming Fundamentals C++

6 months

total duration


200 specially selected algorithms for coding interviews
Analytical skills
Data Structures
Time Complexity
Space Complexity
Recursive Algorithms
Popular Algorithms
Dynamic Programming
Functional Programming
Object Oriented Programming
C++ 20 Concepts
HackerRank Portfolio
LeetCode Portfolio
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Mobile, Backend, Frontend, Game Dev

2 - 4 months (after fundamentals)

total duration


Android, Kotlin
Flutter, Dart
Java, Spring
C# .Net
Python, Django
Unity, C#
Unreal, C++
Oracle, PL/SQL
Shell Scripting
Laravel, MVC
Github Portfolio
Learn more

Machine Learning & Data Science

6 months (after fundamentals)

total duration


Probability Theory
Linear Algebra
Time Series Analysis
Data Visualisation
Python, NumPy, Pandas
Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Data Analysis With R
Git Project
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Meet our instructors

Meet our instructors helping our students achieve their professional goals.


Chief Technology Officer of DIllBill Inc.

Chief Technology Officer of RunEdu Inc.

AI & Software Engineer at Allelica Inc.

Master in Computer Science at Sapienza University.

Rustam Atakishiyev

Computer Science



Former Research Fellow at the World Bank.

PhD. in Economics at Sapienza University.

Senior Specialist - Department of Analysis and Research.

Oktay Gahramanov




Former Software Engineer at Dilmanc.

Senior Software Engineer at EPAM Systems.

Founder at IT-Cluster "Reactor".

Founder FoxTax.

Nusrat Nuriyev

Senior Software Engineer



Teacher at "Code-Star".

FrontEnd Developer at Spechy.

Ios, Android Developer at RunEdu Inc.

Sabuhi Ibrahimov

Front-End developer



Expert Software Engineer at Turkcell.

Backend Developer (Java Spring).

Android applications: - Mobile POS application (Kotlin, Jetpack Compose, MVVM/MVI, Dagger Hilt, Coroutines, Retrofit, Room, JUnit).

Tural Hamidov

Senior Software Engineer


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Real feedbacks from our students

Hello there! I would like to thank you for an excellent course on the C++ programming language. Your lessons help me to better understand the basics of programming and develop my skills. I appreciate your patience and efficiency in teaching, as well as your ability to explain complex things in simple language. The course is understandable for beginners, since all things are explained gramatically and, most importantly, in a clear language, everything is perceived easily. The course well explains the very purpose of mathematics in programming. For a beginner, it may always seem that all this can be difficult and uninteresting, but it's worth signing up for this course, so it will immediately become interesting to take it, since programming and mathematics are studied together in the course. If you have any problems, they can always help you with this, and explain it in a more open language. The knowledge gained during this course can be used in the future when you study another language because it is you who understand the very LOGIC of programming. I would like to ask you to continue in the same spirit and help others become real programmers! best regards, Nurlan

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Nurlan Ismikhanov


I was very impressed with the quality of the materials and teaching methods. Unlike other courses, the training is conducted by professionals in their field who have a clear understanding of how to teach how to think like a real programmer. I really liked the approach to learning based on practical exercises and projects. This allowed me not only to gain theoretical knowledge but also to directly apply it in practice. In addition, the courses were very flexible and adapted to my schedule. I was able to choose a time and place that was convenient for me and work at my own pace.

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Javidan Behremli

Digital Marketing

As we all know, currently there are lots of courses where standard syntaxes are mainly taught via intensive scheduled programs which leads to cramming at the end. However, in this course, the main basics of programming language are focused which helps to understand the main principle of algorithms instead of just memorizing the syntax. I am taking C++ programming language in this course in parallel with my job which is a completely different sector by trying to involve myself in programming. So, if you desire to gain effective knowledge in this area just not learning the concept by heart, this course is for you to improve your background or to enter a new sector like me.

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Sabina Gasimova

Project Engineer

The main advantage of these courses is that they teach and explain the foundations of programming, which gives a great opportunity to learn other programming languages in the shortest possible time. I would like to express my gratitude to the founder of these courses, Rustam Atakishiyev

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Gadir Kazimov

Chemist/Lab Technician

Frequently asked questions

Classes are held both online and offline

Typically, anyone who has a serious interest in programming can be eligible for this course. The specific requirements may vary depending on the level and type of course, but generally, basic knowledge of math, logic, and computer systems is helpful.

Although people often use the terms "programming" and "coding" interchangeably, they are distinct concepts with separate definitions.

Coders are generally those who write code, but may not have the same level of technical expertise or understanding as programmers. They may be able to write simple code snippets or scripts, but may not have the skills or knowledge to design and develop complex software systems.

Programmers, on the other hand, typically have a deeper understanding of computer science and software development principles. They are responsible for designing and implementing software systems, including writing, testing, and debugging code.

Example: Courses such as Html, CSS, Basic JavaScript, Python 101, and Advanced Python are focused on pure coding concepts, which include the syntax and patterns of a specific programming language.

Disadvantages of being a coder:

  1. Difficulty jumping into another area of programming because they lack fundamental knowledge of programming.
  2. Always have to give a lot of effort to learn new technologies and languages.
  3. Easily replaceable by another coder and by code generators.
  4. Limited career growth.
  5. Threatened by Generative AI (GPT4, Auto-GPT, CopilotX and etc.).

Purposefully trying to keep our cohorts to a maximum of 10 people so we can fully support each student.

Awesome! Even if you currently identify as a developer, you'll still benefit greatly from the program and gain a valuable head start. You'll have the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies, best practices, development principles, and workflows, as well as receive support in finding a job.

Yes! As long as you stay motivated and spend around 20 hours per week, you'll be able to master the skills necessary to find your first software development job.